Today's program is truly a mixed bag. We take you to a Missouri ghost town that played an important role in the American Civil War, to a hotel in Cali...View Details

This week on Ten Minutes With Jim we visit Atlanta in Illinois, not Georgia, share a favorite place for pie, and introduce listeners to a fascinating ...View Details

This week on Ten Minutes With Jim, it's an adventure on the western frontier, a few surprises, and the most overlooked town on Route 66. As our theme ...View Details

This morning on Ten Minutes with Jim as our alphabetical journey along Route 66 continues we have a very diverse program. I am glad you could join us ...View Details

Our alphabetical odyssey along legendary Route 66 continues with a few stops in the desert such as at Amboy, and the story of shooting in Arcadia, Cal...View Details

This week on Ten Minutes with Jim, we continue our alphabetical odyssey on Route 66 with Amarillo and a sordid tale of murder, intrigue, sex, and fugi...View Details

On this weeks episode sponsored in part by charming, delightful Cuba, Missouri, we continue our alphabetic Route 66 adventure. From Albatross, Missour...View Details

Route 66 A to Z

It's an exciting new series - Route 66 A to Z. If you are a fan of the double six, this series is for you! If you are an insatiable trivia buff, this ...View Details

Pop A Top, My Friend

Update your Uber app and grab the aspirin as we are setting out on Route 66 in search of wineries, microbreweries, distilleries, roadhouses, and weste...View Details

This week on Ten Minutes With Jim set out on an adventure along the forgotten cousin of Route 66, US 6. Until it was truncated at Bishop, California i...View Details

This week on Ten Minutes With Jim we add some zest to your Route 66 travel plans with information about the largest Czech festival in America, betti...View Details

Travel Planning 101

Author Jim Hinckley talks Route 66 travel guides, tour companies, travel tips, navigation apps and more on this episode of Ten Minutes With Jim. For t...View Details

On this weeks episode of Ten Minutes With Jim we travel Route 66 in search of surprises and special places. As is often the case with my adventures, p...View Details

There are active Route 66 associations in Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Japan, and Canada. Tour companies that specialize in Route 66 tours op...View Details

On this weeks very special episode we step back in time and join Edsel Ford on a grand adventure through the heartland of America tot he coast of Cali...View Details

Did you know that during WWII the largest military installation in the world was along Route 66 in California? Did you know that there is a military c...View Details


This week on Ten Minutes With Jim we lace up the walking shoes and add some flavor to the Route 66 experience with a few of my favorite walkabouts in ...View Details

On this weeks episode we make a bit of a detour off Route 66 and step back in time. It's tales of lawman and desperadoes on the western frontier in Ar...View Details

This week it's detours of the smile inducing kind, the little side trips that add zest to the Route 66 odyssey. The beauty of Maramec Springs Park in ...View Details

It's sidewalk egg fries and rodeos, car shows and a Czech cultural festival, it's Ten Minutes With Jim. This week we provide some incentive for road t...View Details

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