On this weeks episode we make a bit of a detour off Route 66 and step back in time. It's tales of lawman and desperadoes on the western frontier in Ar...View Details

This week it's detours of the smile inducing kind, the little side trips that add zest to the Route 66 odyssey. The beauty of Maramec Springs Park in ...View Details

It's sidewalk egg fries and rodeos, car shows and a Czech cultural festival, it's Ten Minutes With Jim. This week we provide some incentive for road t...View Details

On this weeks fascinating episode, we set out in search of history in the ghost towns of Route 66. The ghost towns of Route 66 are quite unique. They ...View Details

The week on (Almost) Ten Minutes With Jim we set out to the THE original Las Vegas. The adventure starts with a scenic drive from Tucucmari and contin...View Details

I have waited a long time to say say this. On this weeks program we get our kicks under Route 66. It's an adventure of the subterranean kind. Along th...View Details

If you are a fan of classic movies, this program is for you. If you like obscure trivia about celebrities, this program is for you. If you like to lin...View Details

This week it's time travel and some automotive trivia (better to fill the head with useless knowledge than no knowledge at all). We visit Michigan's f...View Details

On this weeks episode we visit the odd, the quirky, the downright weird and even a bit of the macabre. The most eclectic museum in the world, a fudge ...View Details

Today we talk pie, beef stew, kabob plates, pie, steaks, hamburgers, and pie. It's a gastronomical adventure on Route 66. Join me for another adventur...View Details

It's a Beale Street adventure - in Kingman, Arizona. Microbreweries, wine bars, Edsel Ford, and great barbecue are just a few of the surprises. 

On today's adventure we follow Route 66, and a few historic trails across western Arizona, to Grand Canyon Caverns. As always it a grand adventure wit...View Details

In this weeks episode we ride the rails to the original Las Vegas and chase the ghost of Edsel Ford, Emily Post, Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders,...View Details

In this weeks episode from Tuggie & Joe's in Cuba, Missouri we talk restaurants, attractions, and what makes this charming little village a destin...View Details

It is a frosty morning in Kingman, Arizona (20 degrees!). Pull up a chair, join me for some live, unscripted, unedited conversation about Route 66 fro...View Details

It's the Christmas edition of Ten Minutes With Jim. Reflections on Christmas past, a new year, expressions of frustration with politics, music from th...View Details

Ten Minutes With Jim, a raw, unedited and unscripted visit with author Jim Hinckley. Interesting people, a few rants and updates, travel tips, and sur...View Details

Well, as with so many things the podcast has been plagued with false starts delays and assorted issues. But now it looks like we have this on track! ...View Details

Not all economic development is tourism but all tourism is economic development. This simple concept is overlooked by many communities and the result ...View Details

The picturesque ruins nestled along Canyon Diablo stand in mute testimony to a a golden era of tourism on a highway signed as U.S. 66, and a dark and ...View Details

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