IT was an interesting concept, a vehicle that bridged the gap between the automobile and the motorcycle.  For a time during the early to mid-teens, it...View Details

For American auto enthusiasts, the V8 engine has almost mythical status. It powered the chrome bedecked tail finned behemoths of the 1950s, and the Fo...View Details

It was an era of unprecedented opportunity, for those with vision, with passion, and with ambition. The world’s largest manufacturer of household item...View Details

Welcome to another episode of 5 Minutes with Jim. In 1901, Alexander Winton of the Winton Motor Carriage Company made a valiant effort to drive across...View Details

In the beginning the automobile was literally a horseless carriage. Then it morphed into a box on wheels. But Walter Chrysler and Hans Ledwinka had a ...View Details

Welcome to another episode of 5 Minutes with Jim. There were motorized bicycles and vehicles with four, six and even eight wheels. They were powered b...View Details

It never ceases to amaze me that in less than ten years the automobile went from circus side show curiosity to necessity. In ten short years the autom...View Details

Before Nissan and Toyota challenged the dominance of Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler in the United States auto industry, it was a legion of smaller...View Details

From its inception in 1909 the company continued to set standards for quality, for performance and for durability. It weathered the Great Depression a...View Details

Welcome to another episode of 5 Minutes with Jim. With the luxury of hindsight, we can look back and see with clarity periods of time that dramaticall...View Details

Welcome to another episode of 5 Minutes with Jim. My fascination with automobile marketing and promotion spans decades. I am unsure when catchy tunes ...View Details

If you were asked to compose a list of the ten men most responsible for the development of the American automobile industry, who would you include? Wo...View Details

If it weren’t for the dreamers, the eccentrics and the visionaries we would most likely still be traveling the ocean on ships powered by the wind and ...View Details

Here is an interesting point to ponder. Consider what it would have been like to sell an automobile in, say, 1905. Many automobiles sold for as much a...View Details

Good morning, mi amigos. Welcome to another episode of 5 Minutes with Jim. Before the willowing winds of the Great Depression decimated the world’s ec...View Details

On this weeks episode of 5 Minutes With Jim, it's high speed adventures of the off road kind. On February 12, 1908, a contest was launched that pitted...View Details

This week author Jim Hinckley, America's storyteller, talk immortality of a dubious kind. It's automotive pioneers that have been forgotten with only ...View Details

On this morning's episode we talk electric vehicles and steam cars. When do you think the first electric car took to the streets? Here is a hint. Henr...View Details

Milton Reeves was a dreamer. Milton Reeves was a bit of an eccentric and actually believed that a car with eight or six wheels would be the wave of th...View Details

Did You Know? Episode 80

Pa always suggested that it was best to fill the head with useless knowledge than no knowledge at all. This program is filled with useless knowledge, ...View Details

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