A Light In The Darkness

"Against this backdrop of prejudice Victor H Green saw an opportunity, and a need. In the early 19330s Green was employed as a postal carrier in Harle...View Details

In the 1920s Tulsa was a modern, growing community. It was also a city with a bloody history, a city that served as a spawning ground for some of the ...View Details

He was a legend. His exploits in mapping automobile roads in the west and southwest were nothing short of extraordinary. He was also a promoter and ch...View Details

Birth of The Road Trip

"The best commentary on the road between Santa Fe and Albuquerque is that it took us less than three hours to make the sixty-six miles, whereas the se...View Details

Birth of The Road Trip

Before the Lincoln Highway, Dixie Highway and National Old Trails Road there was a national obsession with the bicycle.This was the dawning of the gre...View Details

Skimmer of The Plains

He was a dreamer and adventurer. He transformed travel in the desert southwest. His exploits were the stuff of legend. Route 66 in the southwest was b...View Details

Welcome to Cuba!

On this weeks episode of Five Minutes With Jim, we visit delightful magical, wonderful Cuba, Missouri. And we meet Terry West, the dreamer who has ver...View Details

Kingman, Arizona was forever immortalized in crooner Nat King Cole's ditty about getting kicks on Route 66. Did you know that it was also showcased in...View Details

Wilderness Time Capsule

On this morning’s Five Minutes with Jim program we share one of our favorite places for a back country walkabout. It blends Route 66 with some interes...View Details

The Central Park Gang

Overlooked and forgotten today, the Central Park Gang in Tulsa, Oklahoma was the spawning ground for some of the most vicious and violent criminals of...View Details

An Inspirational Tale

Ralph Teetor was a prolific inventor. Counted among his many nifty contributions to the auto industry was a device we now know generically as cruise c...View Details

Adventures With Edsel

It was the summer of 1915. War was raging in Europe and the Middle East but in America then 21-year old Edsel Ford, namesake for the car that looked l...View Details

Death on The Double 6

Though small and isolated, Grants was placed in the media spotlight nationwide following a police-shooting tragedy on Friday, April 11, 1952. It began...View Details

5 Minutes With Jim

All new! An exciting and fascinating adventure on the back roads of southern Michigan. This week we introduce to a craftsman that specializes in vinta...View Details

This week on Ten Minutes With Jim we begin sharing discoveries made on our October tour including a wonderful time capsule motel in New Mexico, a spea...View Details

From Canute to Cars

On this weeks episode of Ten Minutes with Jim it's trivia, tall tales, and a bit of inspiration as we talk Canute and Cars. This weeks adventure is ma...View Details

The murders in Budville, New Mexico and a ghost town in Oklahoma are just a few of the fascinating stories on today's episode of Ten Minutes With Jim,...View Details

Did You Know?

Here we go, another episode of Ten Minutes With Jim. Pa always told me it was better to fill the head with useless knowledge than no knowledge at all....View Details

In this weeks episode of Ten Minutes With Jim, we share the story of Bethany, Oklahoma, Beverly Hills, and a few points in between. And of course, we ...View Details

My pa was quick to share tidbits of wisdom such as, "Better to fill your head with useless knowledge than no knowledge at all." Our alphabetical odyss...View Details

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