Adapt or die. That was the challenge faced by a countless number of blacksmith shops and companies that produced wagons, surreys, and harnesses in 190...View Details

Do you remember the adage that is better to fill the head with useless knowledge than no knowledge at all? The subject of this episode is flying cars....View Details

On this week’s episode I am sharing the story of a nearly forgotten visionary. Glenn Curtiss was possessed with an insatiable curiosity that led him t...View Details

The history of the American auto industries infancy is littered with stories of manufacturers that showed great promise, that were innovative in many ...View Details

Much has been written on the early technological development of the automobile, the visionaries who moved it from circus sideshow curiosity to necessi...View Details

For a brief moment in time, after WWII the eccentric visionary, the innovator and the quick buck artist found a place in the American auto industry. F...View Details

Bicycles. Bicycle touring. Bicycle racing. An international obsession with bicycling. An argument could easily be made that the cornerstone of the aut...View Details

The period between 1890 and 1930 has long been of interest to me. It was an era of amazing transition fueled by visionaries, intellectual giants, and ...View Details

On August 21, 1915, Roland Conklin of the Roland Gas Electric Motor Bus Company, his family, a chauffeur, mechanic, maid and cook family departed Hunt...View Details

Welcome to another episode of 5 Minutes with Jim. Before Evel Knievel there was Joie Chitwood, Kitty O’Neil, Cannon Ball Baker and a legion of stunt a...View Details

It's a doozy! Did you know that this phrase is an honorarium for a company that built some of the most astounding automobiles ever produced. It was a ...View Details

In 1911, Washington Augustus Roebling II, and his friend Stephen Blackwell, son of the former U.S. Senator Jonathon Blackwell, began making plans to p...View Details

Alexander Winton pioneered the race on Sunday sell on Monday marketing strategy. Hudson built a reputation for reliability and performance through rac...View Details

One of the most fascinating aspects of the American auto industry before WWII was its rich diversity. Dozens of manufacturers carved a profitable nich...View Details

IT was an interesting concept, a vehicle that bridged the gap between the automobile and the motorcycle.  For a time during the early to mid-teens, it...View Details

For American auto enthusiasts, the V8 engine has almost mythical status. It powered the chrome bedecked tail finned behemoths of the 1950s, and the Fo...View Details

It was an era of unprecedented opportunity, for those with vision, with passion, and with ambition. The world’s largest manufacturer of household item...View Details

Welcome to another episode of 5 Minutes with Jim. In 1901, Alexander Winton of the Winton Motor Carriage Company made a valiant effort to drive across...View Details

In the beginning the automobile was literally a horseless carriage. Then it morphed into a box on wheels. But Walter Chrysler and Hans Ledwinka had a ...View Details

Welcome to another episode of 5 Minutes with Jim. There were motorized bicycles and vehicles with four, six and even eight wheels. They were powered b...View Details

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