Well, as with so many things the podcast has been plagued with false starts delays and assorted issues. But now it looks like we have this on track! 

This is the first installment of the new series, 10 Minutes With Jim. Every Sunday, raw and unedited, it's Jim's rants, reviews, travel trips, homespun witticism, and on occasion, some very interesting people.  

Shared adventures are memorable adventures, that is our motto. Now the adventures in Jim Hinckley's America are being shared on podcast, YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram as well with award winning presentations. As Joe from the Road Crew says, come along for the ride. 

We would like to than Leah Burkhart of Cactus Kitsch for the support. She is our sponsor of the week. Cactus Kitsch is your lodging choice in Kingman, Arizona. Located in the heart of the historic business district, this delightful gem is a destination in itself. 



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